Three Tips to Avoid Binging

Wine Glass

Every now and then do you enjoy a glass of wine with your dinner? Or perhaps, do you and your significant other sit, open a bottle of wine, enjoy some food and relax with each other? All of these aforementioned things can be fine and healthy and certainly are commonplace in adult society. So, should one worry if you like to include wine in your lifestyle?


Experts say that when it comes to food, to eat all things in moderation. However, how many moderates do you really know? Look around you with two-thirds of American society either overweight or obese, clearly the word moderation is not well understood. Yes, one can argue that weight status has nothing to do with enjoying the seasonal varietal, however such an argument might be short sighted. Weight status is related to how many calories we eat (consume) and how much we burn throughout the day and more importantly, over time. Can a single night of having perhaps instead of one glass of wine, but now three negatively affect you?


A new research study has found that having three glasses of wine can alter brain chemistry and decision making over the next 24-hours. In this study survey of over 2,000 adults, more than 50% said whenever they had three glasses of wine or more, within the next day, found themselves binging on food. The binge resulted in anywhere from 2,000 to 6,000 calories being eaten within the 24-hour period. As you might guess, the majority of people in this study also did not exercise the day after they binged (meaning the day after just having three glasses of wine).


So if you know that you might be having more than three glasses of wine and do not want to suffer all of the consequences possible from this, what might you do?


  1. Do not drink on an empty stomach. Make sure to eat food throughout the day and of course, to keep it low sodium. Extra salt makes you thirstier, salting foods is a great bartenders trick to make you buy more drinks.
  2. For every glass of wine ingested, drink an equal amount of water. Have an extra glass of water before going to sleep. This can help offset the diuretic effects of alcohol and prepare your body for a healthy tomorrow.
  3. The next day, when you awake, have a big glass of water, stretch and have a healthy breakfast. Within an hour, go for exercise or at least a long walk of at least 45 minutes. This helps to maintain a great metabolism and promotes healthier digestion. In addition, the exercise and healthy eating helps set your brain for a great day.


No one purposely wants to overeat when knowing that they can end up overweight and unhealthy. Drinking three or more glasses of wine can affect thinking and other mental processes. Being aware of this when just enjoying a bottle of wine with a friend or a mate can help you prepare for success the next day versus overeating or binging on extra food. These three little steps can help protect you from unwanted next day and longer effects of a nice evening.


To Your Health!

– Douglas S. Kalman PhD RD


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