5 Slimming Foods

Chicken and Salad

Can it be true? Are there actual foods that can help you slim? We all know that weight management is an ongoing issue throughout the United States and perhaps other parts of the world too. For keeping a healthy weight the easy part to understand is that one needs to manage the calories in (from food and beverages) versus calories burned (from physical activity and daily living). However, this is not always so easy to eat less and move more. This being said, there are tricks that one can use to help keep the food intake part of the equation in check. The purpose of this article is to point out foods worthy of including in your daily fare to help with maintaining a slimmer you.


  1. Green or Oolong Tea – These two teas are typically found in Japanese and Chinese restaurants. They come from the same plant it is only the aging of the plant that makes the difference in tea color and taste. Studies have shown that when one drinks these teas and especially five glasses per day (total of 40 ounces), it makes the body burn an extra 90-100 calories per day. This is due to the special kind of polyphenols (catechins) that are found in the tea. Drink up to lose weight!
  2. Fiber – Fiber can be soluble or insoluble. Soluble fibers help with cholesterol management while the insoluble help with maintaining regularity. Studies show that meals that include fiber help a person feel full and feel full longer. Thus fiber can help with slimming as it helps you feel full so you will eat less food over a 24-hour period. Fiber intake for men and women is recommended to be 35 and 25 grams per day respectively. Fruits, vegetables and whole grains are good sources of natural fiber. Have fiber at eat meal and snack. Read food labels and look for at least 3 or more grams fiber per serving.
  3. Mixed Greens Salad – Research has shown that when people dine out and they have either a salad or a piece of bread (roll) before the main meal, they eat less and feel fuller with a salad as the appetizer or starter. Lettuce and other greens used in salads contain water, some vitamins and minerals. The water content of foods can help with the food having a slimming effect. Aim to have a salad before your meals though do ditch the full fat dressings for more natural “vinaigrette” type dressing if you need one at all.
  4. Chicken and Fish – We are not saying that you must have chicken or fish with every meal, however research shows us that when the diet is higher in protein at the expense of some carbohydrate, that weight loss becomes easier. Diets that contain somewhere between 23 and 28 percent protein aid thermogenesis and satiety, so one burns more calories over a 24-hour period and feels less hungry. The tip is to always include protein in every meal or snack of the day. Protein foods include fish, chicken, turkey, fish, lean red meat, eggs and so forth.
  5. Plectranthus barbatus – is a plant that grows in India and other arid areas of the world. The common name for this food is Coleus Forskohlin (which has many spellings). Coleus (the root) is typically eaten as a pickle. Include it daily in your plan. Believe it or not, many medicines can be made from this plant. People also make tea from Coleus. Look to include this Indian and African botanical in your food meal or as a tea. It is also currently available in dietary supplement form with early evidence showing a weight loss effect.


Some say it is the small things that one does over time that can have a big impact. For slimming or weight management, this most certainly this is true. We believe including the aforementioned foods and themes in your diet is one sure way to help with weight and waist management. For great recipes to get you started see this link: http://www.health.com/health/gallery/0,,20678467_3,00.html


To Your Health!

– Douglas S. Kalman PhD RD

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